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South Slope Medical Office

Policies for Attachment to the Family Practice

Dr.Baird has an appointment based practice. This means that you are able to book ahead to reserve appointment times convenient to you. However some times are reserved everyday for urgent visits for people who become suddenly ill and need to be seen the same or the next day.


We do try our best to stay on time, however emergencies and crises do happen occasionally. This can cause the “best laid plans of mice and men to go astray”. Be happy that these are not happening to you at the present. Be assured that when you have an emergency or crisis you will receive the same consideration.


If you need an appointment outside the usual 9-5 office hours, please talk to Nandini to see if an exception is possible.


Cancellation & 'No-Show' Policy:

  • If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please call and let Nandini know at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, you may be charged a missed appointment fee (equivalent to the billing fee for that missed appointment).

  • Appointments cancelled on the same day are considered no shows. We may charge a fee on an escalating basis.

  • With repeated missed appointments, we may ask you not book more appointments but come in on a drop-in basis and wait until there is an opening.

Clinic Appointment Bookings:

  • A regular visit is scheduled for 10 minutes.

  • Please state the reason of your visit so that we can budget time appropriately.

  • The clinic has an online booking service, we ask that patients of the clinic use this service whenever possible to free the phone lines for emergencies.

  • If your visit is concerning a motor vehicle accident, ICBC case,WCB/WSBC report, Driver's Medical Exam, counseling with Dr.Baird, babies and children's immunization or any type of government forms or medical forms, please let our MOA know and she will book you longer appointment.

  • We will try our best to be on time for everyone, so please be mindful of other patient's time.

  • If you have more than one issue to discuss, we ask that you list all of the issues and allow us to prioritize the list with you.

  • We do not want to rush through your issues, so we will book follow up appointments to provide you with thorough medical care as appropriate.

Forms & Uninsured Services:

  • Sick notes and medical certificates

  • Chart Transfers

  • Missed appointments

  • Insurance Reports and Forms

  • Medical legal letters and opinions

  • Disability Tax Credit Form

We will charge for these services at the Doctor of BC recommended rate. The fee schedule is displayed at the clinic and as well as on the clinic's website.


As your family doctor, I will:

  • Provide the best care we can based on available evidence, clinical judgment, and an open communication with you

  • offer you timely access to care within the best of our ability

  • Maintain an ongoing record of your record

As my patient, I'd like you to:

  • Seek your health care from me whenever possible

  • Identify me as your doctor if you have to visit emergency room or Urgent Care Centre, so they can provide me with information about your treatment for your medical record.

  • Communicate with me honestly and openly so that we can best address your health care needs

No Multi-doctoring Policy:

  • the clinic had no multi-doctoring policy. Please transfer your charts or indicate your preferences at the front desk reception.

  • If you already have a family doctor, we encourage you to stay with your family doctor.

  • If you wish to switch to our clinic, we will ask that you sign a letter to formally terminate your relationship with your previous family doctor.

  • Your previous doctor may charge a fee to prepare and transfer your files to us.


Ending the therapeutic relationship:

  • A positive therapeutic relationship relies on mutual trust and respect between the patient and the physician.

  • If this foundation is lost, a productive therapeutic relationship may no longer be possible, and either the patient or the physician may choose to terminate this doctor-patient relationship

  • The patient has the right seek care from our clinic for up to 1 month after termination for emergency reasons.

  • If the reason for termination the care relationship involves a patient's aggression towards any clinic staff, the grace period may not apply due to workplace anti harassment legislation.

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